Helderberg Lake
Community Association

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L A K E   R U L E S

1.     BOATS
Rules and Regulations of the  Helderberg Lake Community Association, Inc.
Gas-motored vessels are not allowed on the lake.

All boats and canoes shall bear the number corresponding to their property. Numbers shall be a minimum of 4 inches high and not larger than 8 inches in height. A minimum of 2 sets of camp numbers are required for  a boat.

Only boats bearing official camp numbers shall be permitted on the lake.

2.     ROADS    

On  West  Shore, Glenwood, Circle, East  Shore and  Hillcrest Drives  the highly recommended  speed  limit shall be 15 MPH.

No unlicensed motorized vehicles are allowed on these roads.


New York State laws must be strictly adhered to.

It shall be unlawful to liberate live minnows and other small bait fish to any waters excepting those from which they were originally taken .  The taking of frogs is absolutely prohibited.

Fishing and swimming will be permitted to guests only if the owner or tenant is in residence.

Hunting is permitted on Association property for members only.  Guests may hunt only when accompanied by a member.

Waterfowl hunting is not permitted.

Guests of owners and tenants must carry an official guest card.

4.     GENERAL
Guests of owners or tenants are not allowed any privileges at the Association beach unless attended by same owner or tenant or an adult guest bearing a guest card.
No motorized vehicles are allowed on the frozen lake. Electric handicapped vehicles may be used by permit.

It is imperative that property owners keep off the concrete dam walls and spillway and instruct their guests accordingly.

Only guests having guest cards are allowed on Association property.

The disposal of trash, rubbish or garbage on Association property is strictly prohibited.  The burning of garbage or table refuse is strictly prohibited.

Upon renting of a camp, it is mandatory that a copy of these rules and regulations be posted in a conspicuous place so that any and all tenants shall be fully aware of our rules.

The island is at all times off-limits to everyone.

Ducks or desirable wildlife shall at no time be molested or abused.

Association property is for the enjoyment of all members and may not be altered or changed without permission of the Association.

Lake shore property owners are urged not to use herbicides or fertilizers.

Should there be any doubt in interpretation of these rules and regulations, please consult your President or any member of the board of directors for clarification.

No display of alcoholic beverages allowed at the beach or dam area.

Pets should be leashed when in the beach and dam area.

The Association beach and parking areas close at dusk.